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Friday, May 30, 2003

My son just returned from Europe, it is good to have him home, but it was good to have him in Europe while he was there. He always felt safe, the people there like Americans, they just don't care much for our government right now. They for many reasons don't always agree with their own governments, so they are open minded about American's opinions on our government. They didn't like Iraq's government, they don't condone terrorism, they just had different opinions on what is a just war, and they were right. The world is not a better place because of the war, and the world is not a safer place because of the war. Now if you want to have some fun, and maybe feel a little better about yourself, look up Bush's transcript, and military records on the web, they are there. It is no wonder our military intelligence was bad, and we went to war, look who was leading the way.


Joe Matson said...

I just returned from Europe also, and I would echo what you are saying. Some time ago, people throughout Europe began hanging rainbow colored flags for peace at their homes or businesses. (I studied in Italy where the flags said "Pace.") I am not fluent in any foreign language, but as I travelled through several different countries in Europe I always understood what was meant by the rainbow flags. And I agree.

7:36 PM  

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