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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Weekend

A few hundred billion dollars, and well over a hundred thousand lives. That is the cost of this war so far. I may not be a humanitarian, or an economist, but the figures don't add up. For ten billion dollars we could have bought all the loose nuclear material that we are now, and may be in the future threatened with from the downfall of the USSR. We gave or sold most of the weapons that Saddam Hussein had. We gave or sold most of the Talaban's weapons to them. We always have control, but greater minds than mine decided to let it go. The weapons we face were for the most part made in the USA, the rest were made to defend others from the weapons made in the USA. For national security reasons we are not allowed to know who and when our soldiers, our sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers die. But we see and hear about the other, not so important, casualties that happen. They are either the,"bad guys", or the collateral damage, the unfortunate victims, the unavoidable consequences of war. If we weren't so busy starving and threatening people, for the price tag of this war imagine the possibilities. With kindness we could create brothers instead of terrorists. We could look for cures for cancers, instead of spreading depleted uranium. We could feed people instead of starving them. We could love people instead of hating them. We could have had a lot less people to memorialize this weekend. Peace


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