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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just $20

When I was young I would go with my father to get gas for the family car, sometimes he would fill it up, and sometimes he would just get a dollar's worth. For a dollar you could get about five gallons, and as little as people would drive even with the old tanks that we called the family cars it would get you to church and the grocery store just fine, and maybe last a week. Then as I turned 16 and started to drive, I too would go out and drive around on a dollar for awhile, then the old George Washington was still worth something. Slowly we got use to saying," No don't fill it, just give me five dollars worth." I had an old 1960 Volkswagon bug and 10 gallons would last a long time, Omaha was still a small town. If I had a couple Lincolns in my pocket I could have a good time. We slowly evolved, I'm sorry I meant to say intelligently designed, our way to spending ten dollars instead of five, but that's inflation, we were making more money, we were still staying ahead of the game. Now all the sudden, twenty dollars doesn't fill the car, a Jackson won't get you much, or far. I hate twenties, Jackson was president during the, Trail of Tears, the ethnic cleansing of this nations first people, the Native Americans. We are spending twenties like we once spent dollars because our presidents, War On Terror, who are we ethnic cleansing there. We are spending even more twenties for a failed policy for Katrina, who were we ethnic cleansing there. As the Gulf mourns their loss, and people all over the world open their wallets with donations, our government is paying huge money to people to do the same things that people were not allowed to do to help. We turned away doctors from Cuba, meals from England, etc., while people suffered and died. Now huge government contracts are going to huge government contractors while the residents of the gulf are left unemployed. In a few years after Bush is no longer President, and we are looking for ways to honor him, think land fill.


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