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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


A couple years ago I taught music to a wonderful school full of children. Saturday one of those children was in a car accident, and yesterday she died. Most all of us were in cars for awhile Saturday, and only she died. She was beautiful, funny, nice, loving, very good, she was eleven years old. Today she taught me a lot, there is a hole in my world that needs to be filled. I may never be beautiful, but I should try to be less ugly, funnier, nicer, more loving, better, and more child like. If everyone just tried a little to be a little more like Aleshia, maybe we could all enjoy knowing this angel. Do it for Aleshia, and her mother, if you knew her great, if not what a great opportunity to do something nice far a perfect, and I mean perfect, stranger. Thank you for making me, your family, your classmates, everyone you knew, and everyone who reads this a better person. Peace


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