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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dollars and Sense

If you want to start a business, you pick something that you are good at, or something that you know how to do on a cost effective level that you can compete with other businesses. You know that if you can't compete on that level, you will end up out of business, and broke.
Well now, in the war in Iraq, our country, the USA, is spending billions of our dollars, our children's dollars, and our grandchildren's dollars, and what is the other side spending? Lets admit it, we aren't very good at this war thing, and we have no business fighting in one, or at the very least not this one. We have spent the last couple of years trying to outsource the war to an Army of Iraqis, and we are failing miserably at that too.
As a capitalistic nation, it seems to me that our choice is clear, we should cut our losses, and bring our troops home. That makes perfect dollars and sense, doesn't it?


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