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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Monday's Marches

My grandfathers came here from Ireland, Scotland and England, they never had to learn another language when they arrived. I also have Native American grandfathers, and so I am often confused on my feelings about illegal aliens, were some of my grandfathers trespassers? I am lucky, today I am honored to have so many nationalities in my family. I marched with the thousands of protesters, my relatives, here in Omaha Monday, I chanted in support, I clapped, and I smiled a lot, I was both happy and proud to be there. When I looked at the faces and heard the voices of the people around me I wondered how we might be related. I hope all of my brothers and sisters find the success and happiness that they deserve. Peace,

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bye bye Bush

Just a short thought! If we can believe what Scooter Libby just said. President Bush condemned White House leaks, and promised to fire all those involved. If the President is a man of his word, we can only hope, is he going to resign? Should he resign? I hope that if he does, wishful thinking, he takes his friends with him. Peace!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Michael Martin Murphey

I am a big fan of Michael Martin Murphey, have been since Geronimo's Cadillac. I see a lot of people searching for Michael Murphy singer, or country singer, and they are more often than not searching for him not me. Now, down under, in thier version of American Idol, a young singer named Michael Murphy has developed quite a following, I don't know much else about him. There are blue's, to classical musicians with the same name, I wish them all success. My parents gave me my name like most people and I am lucky to have had the perfect parents for me. Anyhow, I am keeping my name, not to confuse any of the fans of all the other Michael Murphys, but in honor of my parents. Now back to Michael Martin Murphey, I have a question, does anyone ever ask you if your middle name is John? One other thing, if you are ever looking for an opening act, that would be alot of fun. Finally, whatever your name is, Peace!