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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The USA use to be a land built by immigrants. Our European grandfathers came here poor and uneducated to find the American dream. In doing so they nearly eliminated the true, Native, Americans, by killing them, or driving them south. The USA use to be occupied by what we call Native, and Mexican Americans, it was their home. Now that many of the people that had their home land taken from them are trying to come home, trying to find a little justice, our nations reaction is to build a fence, and to call our the National Guard. True "Native" Americans call all the people of the world,"Relatives", true "Native" Americans had no terms for illegal immigrants, perhaps they should have.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sun Dance

I just returned from a Sun Dance, it was an honor to be invited, and a great blessing to be a small part of. There are volumes that could be told of the experience, that would not be right, but there is a point that I would like to make. I have little right to say what true American culture should be, but I will try to make a few points. Let me start by saying that if I am invited to your house I would honor that invitation by following the rules of your house. If everyone takes there shoes off at the front door, that is what I should do etc... In the last few days I saw true American Culture, and how it honored all living things, all people of all races, all our relations, the elders thru the children, the Earth Mother, and the Creator, and never take your eye off the Creator. The true American Culture is not to be defined by democrats or republicans, but by all of our great grand parents that were here long before Columbus. Love that or leave it. Peace!

Friday, June 16, 2006

2500/ happy father's day

How many more milestones will it take till something changes? Today the U.S. government acknowledged that 2500 servicemen and women have died in our war on terror. Today Iraq's president and vice-president asked us to leave. I think that except for AlQuida, and a few Republicans in Washington, most of the world wants us to pack up and go home. I am reminded about how violent our nation was during Vietnam, by all the violence going on now. All of those boys and girls hurt and killed at home and over seas had fathers. Fathers that let them down, that did not learn from our mistakes, and handed these children over to violence. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!